Social media ads

Learn how to start seeing better results on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Whether you want to build awareness, increase engagement or drive conversions, we can deliver a measurable ROI across multiple social media platforms – all under the same roof.

Adknowledge Asia is the exclusive user of the AdParlor platform, which is a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, as well as a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner and a YouTube advertiser. Social media is in our DNA.

Our social media experts are proficient in supporting and managing your campaigns for you.

You can also use our user-friendly self-service platform yourself – putting you in the driving seat.



Video ads

Discover how to get your video content noticed by the right people, and change how people feel about your brand.

We make it easy for you to buy video ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – all in one place.

Adknowledge can help you run targeted premium video ads on Facebook or Promoted Videos on Twitter that deliver maximum views and engagement.

We can also measure your campaigns using Nielsen Brand Effect – so you can see how your video content is affecting the way people feel about your brand – and their desire to buy from you.

We understand how important it is to protect your brand and control the video content it’s connected to. That’s why we let you see exactly where your YouTube ads will run before you buy – there are no blushes with us.



Promote your app

Drive app installs, earn more from in-app ads and keep people engaged with your app.

In an increasingly crowded space, we’ll help you deliver ad campaigns that get your app noticed by the right people.

But it doesn’t end there – we can help you keep your app users engaged and drive more in-app purchases.

We don’t think you should pay for meaningless clicks or impressions. Our cost per install (CPI) pricing system ensures you’re paying to reach people who actually want to use your app. This means you’re getting a long-term ROI and growing a user base of people with a greater lifetime value.

We distribute millions of apps each month across all platforms: mobile, tablet, desktop and browser — and we have a special expertise in social.