The opportunity

With over 2.5 million registered players, RummyCircle allows people in India to play Rummy (a classic and much-loved Indian game) online.


Valuable players

RummyCircle wanted to find new players and extend their lifetime value.

Better returns

RummyCircle hoped Adknowledge Asia Pacific could maximise its conversion rate and reduce the cost of acquiring new players.

Efficiency at scale

RummyCircle had been managing its Facebook campaigns on its own, and although it was enjoying success, it wanted to scale its campaigns more efficiently and quickly – and minimise errors during the uploading process.

The company used Adknowledge Asia Pacific’s AdParlor platform in 2015 to find new, valuable players and manage its large-scale Facebook Ads campaigns more efficiently.

What worked

Awesome automation

RummyCircle moved some of its campaigns to the AdParlor platform for 4 months in 2015.

At the end of the test period, it found that AdParlor delivered a higher return on investment. Automating its Facebook Ads helped RummyCircle minimise errors and launch new ads more quickly. AdParlor continues to play a key role in the company’s social media strategy.


RummyCircle maximised its budget by spending it on the right people. It targeted people based on their age, location and interests (such as gaming).


RummyCircle segmented its audience into two groups: registered players and paying players. Using Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool, it was able to re-target these people with personalised messages and entice them to keep playing – and paying.

This helped the company retain its players and keep them engaged.

Expanding reach

Using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences tool to target people with a similar profile to its paying customers helped RummyCircle reach new people who would be most likely to turn into players with a greater lifetime value.

What we learned

  1. Social proof matters: ads containing testimonials from other players resulted in the highest click-through rates.
  2. Ads that contained copy, a prize incentive and a photo of a person delivered better results than ads containing just copy and a prize or copy and a photo of a person.

Key highlights


Originally post on May 21, 2015