Molson Coors

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Molson Coors and AdParlor looked to weather to grow awareness of a new product and reinforce the refreshment positioning of two beer brands in Canada. Through our integration with a robust weather API, AdParlor created a custom weather rule-based campaign that served targeted ad units to mobile Facebook users contingent upon local weather conditions.

Two sets of photo page post ads were created: 

  • The first set of ads were ‘Weather Specific’ creative 
  • The second set of ads were ‘Generic’ creative 
  • Both sets of ads were turned on in real-time based on HOT weather conditions (i.e. Above 23 degrees and Sunny) and we compared the results. The ads were day-parted (11am – 8pm) and only served on mobile to increase the likelihood of users being outdoors when seeing the ad.

Fast Facts

The ‘Weather Specific’ ads outperformed the ‘Generic’ ads within multiple engagement categories.

  • Engagement rates were the highest among males 19-34. The ads based on the ‘hot weather conditions’ delivered higher engagement. Users who clicked on ‘Weather Specific’ ads were 89% more likely to click a link, 50% more likely to mention the brand page and 33% more likely to comment as opposed to users who clicked on the ‘Generic’ ads.
  • CPC rates on the ‘Weather Specific’ ads were 67% lower than the ‘Generic’ ads.
  • Geo targeting included 8 cities (Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, St. John’s, Montreal, Moncton, Halifax and Edmonton) across Canada.


Engagement Metrics

Weather Specific Ads vs Generic Ads

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.40.39 pmAn Established Brand

In order to drive more awareness and engagement around Coors Light’s ice-cold refreshment positioning, the campaign was targeted to males and females ages 19-49 in the following cities: Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, St. John’s, Montreal, Moncton, Halifax and Edmonton.


Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.40.43 pmNew Product Launch

To drive awareness and trial of new Molson Canadian Cider, the campaign targeted males and females ages 19-34 in two cities – Toronto and Halifax.molson-table2

Originally post on May 20, 2015