Axiata Cup

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The opportunity

The Axiata Cup is an annual badminton championship that’s sponsored by the Axiata Group. It’s held in Kuala Lumpur and broadcasted to over 240 million people around the world.

Axiata wanted to get people excited about the Axiata Cup 2014 and encourage them to download the ShuttleSmash2014 game app.

The app allowed badminton fans to join in the fun online by playing for SmashPoints on mobile or desktop. They could then redeem their points for Huawei devices.

Axiata Cup worked with Adknowledge Asia Pacific in the run-up to the 2014 event from 1 November to 31 December 2014.

What worked

Optimising the creative

Axiata Cup tested different types of ad creative. Some ads contained badminton-related images, while other featured photos of the prizes.

After testing both, the team at Adknowledge Asia Pacific found that photos of the prizes were delivering the best results, and each sign-up cost 2X less when prize images were used.

Creating a buzz

Axiata Cup promoted its tweets and ran link ads and photo ads on Facebook to drive people to its website and create a buzz around the event.

Engaging with video

Axiata Cup produced short video snippets for its YouTube ads and Facebook video ads, which showed ordinary people showing off their badminton skills.

The videos ended with a message prompting people to register to earn SmashPoints if they thought they had the right skills.

Driving app installs

Getting an app noticed is no easy task, so Axiata Cup used Facebook’s app ads to drive people directly to the app install page and encourage them to play the game.

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Precision targeting

Axiata Cup used Facebook’s targeting solutions to makes sure it was reaching the right people. It used Custom Audiences to reach people from its email database and Lookalike Audiences to expand its reach by targeting people with a similar profile to its existing Facebook fans. Finally, it targeted people with an interest in sports, badminton and Huawei.

On Twitter, Axiata Cup targeted its existing followers as well as keywords like “Badminton”, “Sports” and “Axiata Cup”.

For its YouTube strategy, Axiata Cup identified sport-related viewing trends and reached out to “Badminton Fans”, “Sports Fans” and “Lifestyle Buffs”.

Multiple platforms

Axiata Cup ran an integrated campaign using social and video platforms (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) to reach its audience.


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What we learned

  1. Piggybacking on trending video content on YouTube delivered a higher click-through rate and more video views.
  2. The app was more popular with men: 81% of registrations were by men, who proved to be 15% more cost-effective than women to reach.
  3. The campaign was most popular among 18 to 34-year-olds. And this age group was 2X more cost-effective to reach than people aged 45 and over
  4. Ads that contained photos of the prizes (rather than just badminton-related photos) performed best.
  5. And it seems that people preferred pink backgrounds to white: it cost 2X more to sign up a player with an ad containing a white background. Who knew?
Originally post on May 20, 2015