Better results from social media advertising. Adknowledge Asia is the exclusive user of the AdParlor platform, which is a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, as well as a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner and a YouTube advertiser. Social media is in our DNA.

Learn how AdParlor can help you manage, scale, measure and optimise your social media campaigns.

All the support you need

Choose from two options when you work with us:

  • Self-Service: manage your campaign with our user-friendly interface and get customer service support from us
  • Fully-Managed: allow us to plan, execute and manage your campaigns for you
  • Your Language, Your Needs: We’re here to meet the unique needs of our clients in Asia, which is why we’ve made AdParlor available in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. And you can expect to see even more localised versions of our platforms in the future

Our team is always on hand to help you manage your own campaigns and make sure you’re achieving the best results.

Once you sign up, you’ll get:

  • Extensive training and help with planning campaigns
  • User guides: detailed step-by-step instructions and advice
  • Full technical support from our technology and operational experts
  • Our Service Level Agreement: clearly defined customer service and support


More efficient campaigns

We’ve figured out a way to make the process of uploading, tracking and optimising your ads more efficient.
AdParlor can save you time, money and resources – freeing you up to focus on the jobs that matter most.
We’ve automated the process, but we’ve also made sure it’s easy to use for everyone in your business.


Advanced reporting 

We know how important it is for you to understand how your ads are performing.
AdParlor has an in-built reporting system that delivers detailed reports on a huge range of performance metrics. You’ll see how your social media ads are affecting sales, website traffic and complex brand metrics.
You can also access reports that are tailored to your business needs and compare yourself to your competitors using our competitive benchmarking tool. 


Our Facebook expertise

Bulk uploading

Quickly segment your target audience or creative and create ad sets for each segment.
You’ll be able to test hundreds of concepts, efficiently scale your campaign and personalise your ad content.

Custom tagging

Tag your ads based on your personalised advertising objectives to learn what works. For example, you can tag all ads that have specific creative elements for deeper analysis.

Real-time marketing

Be reactive and run ads based on real-time events like weather changes – way before your competition.

Mobile app user data

We can pull data from mobile ads to determine the lifetime value of people who install your app – so you can make informed, data-driven decisions to maximise your ROI.

Advanced targeting options

Use valuable data to target people based on their interests, demographics, behaviour and purchasing history.
Advanced targeting tools like Custom and Lookalike Audiences can help you pinpoint your target audience and spend your ad budget on the people who matter most.

Custom and segmentation reporting

Custom and segmentation reports will help you compare your ads’ performance across age ranges, genders, locations, and placements.

Save, reuse, and report

AdParlor allows you to save and report on targeting elements on Facebook, learn what works and easily re-use ads in future campaigns.


Our Twitter expertise

Tailor your audiences

Create and edit audience segments based on a rich variety of data sources so you reach the right people with the right message.

Create and schedule multiple Tweets

Create and edit a large-scale Twitter campaign, test a huge range of ad options and schedule Tweets for the optimum time and day.

Fully embedded targeting

Target your Tweets and ads based on keywords in timelines, interests, TV, geography, device, gender or Twitter users who are similar to your followers.

More efficient campaigns

Learn what works and save time by saving and re-using the best from previous campaigns.

Automate your campaigns with our user-friendly platform, which can help you perform bulk actions, automatically pause poor performing ads, change your bids to maximise your budget and deliver better results.

Get detailed reports. See what works.

AdParlor will give you robust reports on a huge range of performance metrics. You can even see how specific interest groups are responding to your ads or measure the performance of a piece of creative – and change your strategy to suit.


Our YouTube expertise

AdParlor can help you get better results from your video content and YouTube Ads.
It’s like TV advertising – but better, because you can target exactly the right people and be more agile with your video marketing.
Video consumption in Asia Pacific is booming – and it’s a huge opportunity for brands to connect with their audience.
Our AdParlor solution helps you create a video distribution strategy that gets your video noticed by the right people.
Global brands like Coca-Cola and Sony are using AdParlor to optimise their YouTube ads and gain an edge.

  • Protect your brand by choosing actual videos before you bid
  • Scale and optimise your top-performing videos in real-time
  • Segment your videos into channels and target specific audiences (just like traditional TV)
  • We’re helping our clients leverage the very latest trends and product developments to stay ahead of the curve
  • Control your budget and scale your campaign
  • Tag your content for the target audience to make sure it’s relevant
  • Diversify your campaign with in-banner and in-player ads


Our Instagram expertise

Advertisers are intrigued by Instagram: aside from the sheer size of its 300 million users, there are also demographic advantages. Instagram skews toward the coveted Millennial audience, and marketers have the advantage of using Facebook’s data and targeting algorithms to reach Instagram users. In fact, AdParlor’s clients are already seeing strong success on the social channel.


Instagram allows advertisers to precisely target and engage users, as well as drive performance by leveraging Facebook’s experience and knowledge of its individual users.

Achieve brand and sales objectives

All of the great targeting, insights and reporting available on Facebook are now available on Instagram, including building custom audiences, lookalike targeting, creative tagging and retargeting. Instagram supports both branding and direct response goals, including website conversion ads and mobile apps install ads, through its API.

Industry leading global expertise

AdParlor is one of the original Facebook marketing partners and has participated in numerous beta programs; we’ve also run more than $150 million of annualized revenue through the AdParlor platform.